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Report Library

What’s in the reports and what does it mean?
Report Library and Definitions

Each of the Billboard and XRay reports is actually made up of many report sub-components. Here’s the list of all the report components with links to detail descriptions

Billboard Reports – Daily

Contribution Margin and Projected Close
Engineer Hrs Reported, Billable % and Scheduled
Top 10 Unbilled Clients
Fully Managed Attention Meter
This Month’s Sales Opportunities
Past Due Top 5 by Company
Past Due by Company – Invoice Level
Open Invoices – Company Level
Open Invoices – Invoice Level

XRay Reports – DailyComplete Report

Anticipated (Projected) Month-End Close – Rev, CM, EHR, Mgd, T&M
Close as of Today
Open Invoices
Unbilled or Prepaid Time
Past Due
This Month’s Sales Opportunities
Engineering Time
Scheduled Svc Hours

Planning and Analysis > Clients

Profitability by Client

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