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Free 2-Week Trial

I’m interested, but I’d like to try it out before I sign up

Interested, but not quite ready to sign up for the Executive Briefing Service?  For a limited time, we’re offering a free two-week trial of the service so that you can see your data through the lens of the system. We’ll install the software at your location and walk you through the system so that you can see your data live inside the system.  To set up the trial, there are several prerequisites that you’ll need to have before we can install the software.

The Executive Briefing Service for ConnectWise runs as a web application inside your firewall (so your data NEVER leaves your network, and therefore NEVER leaves your control). To run the application you just need a standard Windows Server with a standard Windows Server OS loaded on it (nothing special). It can be a virtual machine (which is what most people run it on), or physical machine if you happen to have one sitting around. Once you have set up your Windows Server machine, we just need a few pieces of information and the ability to access the server remotely, and “we’ll take it from there!”.

Ready to get started with the trial? Here’s the information that we need: