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Billboard This Month’s Sales Opportunities


This report shows the top 3 (by revenue) deals that sales has identified in each of your sales “stages” that have been forecasted to close this month.


As you manage revenues and expenses, it is important to have a realistic discussion with sales about deals that COULD close this month (step 1), and deals that WILL close this month (step 2). This report helps you identify significantly large deals that are forecasted to close this month. Deals that are in a “prospect” stage and involve large revenue dollars should be validated to make sure that sales is forecasting potential revenue realistically.

Report Items

Sales Stage – Bolded header line indicates the sales stage for these 3 opportunities.

Opportunity – Shows the name of the opportunity entered into ConnectWise.

Company – Company name.

Fcst Rev $ – Forecast Revenue Dollars, i.e. the total sales revenue that sales is forecasting for this deal.