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Not asked for credentials from the New Haven server

On your local New Haven server, we set up local security credentials to allow as many (or as few) of your employees that you choose to access the information on the server.  We do this so that, even if you have an employee who is an Active Directory Administrator, you can still control whether they have security clearance to access the New Haven server.  So when you access your local New Haven server, you should be asked to enter your user ID and password that are unique to the New Haven server.  If you are NOT prompted to enter your local New Haven ID and password, you may need to make a minor adjustment in the browser on the machine you are using to access the server.

BROWSER: Firefox
PLATFORM:  Non-Windows (i.e. Mac)


Not prompted to enter login ID and password on the New Haven server, then receive the error message that “Security is enabled but cannot determine the ID of the local user”

The support for the NT LAN Manager version 1 (NTLMv1) network authentication has been disabled in some browsers (including Firefox 30).  This type of authentication is required to access your local New Haven server.  You can tell your local browser that you want to use NTLMv1 for authentication via the following steps in Firefox 30 or later:

  1. Type “about:config” (no quotes) in the location bar
  2. Click the “I’ll be careful” button
  3. Find “network.negotiate-auth.allow-insecure-ntlm-v1”
  4. Double-click on it to change the value to true.