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XRay Daily Unbilled or Prepaid


This portion of the daily XRay report shows you the revenue and hours your engineers have provided for items that have NOT yet been billed. You can also see the amount of hours spent servicing prepaid or Fully Managed clients as well, so you know where your engineers are spending their time.  As is the case is all XRay reports, the figures estimated are broken into various components (detailed below).


You need to be able to see the amount each client will be invoiced, even between billing cycles.  If your engineers are spending TOO much time with a client (generating a future invoice that you know exceeds the client’ budget), this report gives you an early warning to prevent that future unacceptable invoice.

Report Items

Contr Margin – Contribution Margin (Revenue less direct costs) for each company for T&M work that will be billed on future invoices.

Revenue – Sales revenue (i.e. invoice amount) for each company for T&M work that will be billed on future invoices.

Hrs – Number of T&M engineering hours provided for this client this month which have not yet been billed.

EHR – Effective Hourly Rate for this client this month for T&M invoices (T&M revenue / T&M hours spent)

“Engineer Name, Date of Service and Ticket Details” – Summarized by engineer, shows the date of service and all of the ticket details for every time-entry for this client.

Mgd CM $ – If work has been done for a Fully Manage contract, this shows the estimated “value” of that work towards the contract based on number of hours spent and the hourly rate on that contract.

Mgd Agr Hours – This shows the number of hours your engineers have spent against a Fully Managed contract for this client thus far this month. Throughout the month, the hours will go up as the engineers “service” this client.

Mgd EHR – Effective Hourly Rate for Fully Managed Services (Fully Managed Service Revenue divided by engineering hours spent on fully managed clients) as of today.

Prepaid $ – Shows the amount of the liability (i.e. “prepaid hours”) you have retired this month for service contracts that have a “limited” number of hours included.

Prepaid Agr Hrs – The number of hours that your engineers have spent servicing prepaid agreements related to this invoice (including fixed fee, monthly block, annual block, etc.)

T&M Rev $ – This field shows the amount of “time-and-materials” revenue generated, but not yet billed, to this client.

T&M Hours – Number of hours of “time-and-materials” work done for this client that has not yet been billed.

T&M EHR – Effective Hourly Rate of “time-and-materials” services that you performed for this client that has not yet been billed.