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XRay Daily Scheduled Service Hours


This portion of the daily XRay report shows you how Dispatch has scheduled time for your engineers this month (both past weeks and future weeks). As is the case is all XRay reports, the figures estimated are broken into various components (detailed below).


Your engineering team is THE most important resource to manage. Each of them start everyday with 8 hours to offer your organization. At the end of the day, that 8 hours will be gone. If Dispatch has “scheduled” the engineers to work on the highest priority items, engineers will spend less time “figuring out what they should be working on”.

Report Items

Scheduled (Open) Svc Hours – This portion of the XRay report summarizes time that Dispatch has “scheduled” on a weekly basis.  It includes ALL the weeks of this month, including partial weeks at the beginning and end of the month that may also include days from the prior/next month.  Hours shown are those hours assigned to an engineer that are still “open”.  Entries for past weeks should be trending towards zero as items are completed and “closed”.  Future weeks should show a larger number of hours “scheduled”, with the current week normally showing the most scheduled time.

Hrs  – Number of hours Dispatch has scheduled for that engineer

Details – Shows detailed breakdown by:

  • Week
  • Engineer
  • Date/Time of Service
  • Also shows:
    • Description of the calendar entry for the scheduled service
    • Name of the agreement involved in this service
    • Client Name