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XRay Daily Invoiced


This portion of the daily XRay report shows you the invoices that have been released to clients as of today. As is the case is all XRay reports, the figures estimated are broken into various components (detailed below).


Invoices that are NOT sent to clients will NEVER be paid!  If you wonder if an invoice has been sent to a client, you can confirm that, as well as every line-item detail on what was ON the invoice, and the amount of profit that you will earn from each invoice line item.

Report Items

Contr Margin – Contribution Margin (Revenue less direct costs) for each company, each invoice, and each line item of each invoice sent out this month.

Revenue – Sales revenue for each company, each invoice, and each line item of each invoice sent out this month.

Cost – Direct costs accrued for each company, each invoice, and each line item of each invoice sent out this month.

EHR – Effective Hourly Rate on this invoice, including both Fully Managed hours and T&M hours.

“Invoice Number” and “Invoice Date” – Shown in the detail section for invoices when you drill-down to the invoice-level detail.

“Description of this Product” – The exact description of each line item on every invoice you’ve sent out this month when you drill-down to the invoice line-item detail of an invoice.

Mgd CM $ – This is the contribution margin you have received for Fully Managed (flat fee for unlimited time) contracts this month.  Since Fully Managed agreements may include a bundle of related services (as “Additions” on the agreement), you may see several invoice lines and even some direct costs associated with a Fully Managed agreement.  This report takes all that into account.

Mgd Agr Hours – This shows the number of hours your engineers have spent against this invoice thus far this month.  Throughout the month, the amount of revenue you received on this invoice will stay static, but the hours will go up as the engineers “service” this client.

Mgd EHR – Effective Hourly Rate for Fully Managed Services (Fully Managed Service Revenue divided by engineering hours spent on fully managed clients) as of today.  Again, this will change throughout the month as the revenue stays static but the number of hours worked increases.

Prepaid $ – Revenue that you have received this month for service contracts that have a “limited” number of hours included.

Prepaid Agr Hrs – The number of hours that your engineers have spent servicing pre-paid agreements related to this invoice (including fixed fee, monthly block, annual block, etc.)

T&M Rev $ – This field shows the amount of “time-and-materials” revenue on this invoice.

T&M Hours – Number of hours of “time-and-materials” work on this invoice.

T&M EHR – Effective Hourly Rate of “time-and-materials” services that you performed related to this invoice.

Product CM$ – Contribution Margin (revenue less direct costs) that you have earned on products included on this invoice.

Product Revenue – Sales Revenue on products sold on this invoice.

Paid – The amount that you have already received in payment from clients related to this invoice.