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XRay Daily Complete Report


This Daily XRay report provides you with all the detailed information about your business operation. When you see a potential problem or opportunity in the Daily BILLBOARD report, the Daily XRay report is where you go to “get to the bottom” of the root cause. This report is actually the combination of multiple sub-reports which are documented separately on our website. (see component reports on As is the case is all XRay reports, the figures on the report are broken into various components (detailed below).



It is worthless to know that you have a problem (from the Daily Billboard report) if you can’t get enough information to make an informed decision of “what to do about it”. The purpose of the Daily XRay report is to allow to QUICKLY get very DETAILED information. We use the outlining function of Excel to allow you to quickly drill-down into all the information about your business.

Report Items

Contr Margin – Contribution Margin (Revenue less direct costs of the items you have sold). Essentially, this is the profit from operations that you have available to cover your fixed costs.

Revenue – Sales revenue (i.e. the amount that you have invoiced the client).

Cost – Direct costs 0f items you have sold. This report assumes that your engineering staff is paid on salary, so the majority of the estimated costs are based on fees you pay third-parties for hardware, software, and SaaS services.

EHR – Effective Hourly Rate. This is calculated by dividing your estimated Contribution Margin divided by the total number of hours your engineers are provide this month. (EHR is based on Contribution Margin rather than Revenue so that EHR is not skewed by large hardware revenue that are accompanied by relatively small contribution margin.)

Mgd Agr Hours – The number of hours provided for your Fully Managed clients this month.

Mgd EHR– Effective Hourly Rate for Fully Managed Services (Fully Managed Service Revenue divided by engineering hours spent on fully managed clients).

Prepaid Agr Hrs – The number of hours that your engineers have spent servicing agreements that are pre-paid (including fixed fee, monthly block, annual block, etc.)

T&M Rev $ – Amount of “time-and-material” revenue.

T&M Hours – Amount of hours spent providing “time-and-material” services.

T&M EHR – Effective Hourly Rate of “time-and-materials” services this month.

Product CM$ – Contribution Margin (revenue less direct costs) that you have earned.

Product Revenue – Sales Revenue on products sold.

Paid – The amount that you have already received in payment from clients.