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SLI (Service Leadership)

“Service Leadership” can vastly improve your MSP Success, but you need accurate information to get those results

If you are an MSP, you have heard of “Service Leadership” peer groups (if you have NOT heard of them, you need to look them up!)  They do a fantastic job of helping you improve the success of your MSP Practice.  But to follow their direction for YOUR business, you MUST have accurate data about your business, especially how it breaks into the various Lines of Business.  You need to see the financial data for each line of business integrated with the “hours” (and related cost of those hours) that your team spends in each area.  Pulling all that together seems like a great idea.  We agree.

We include a wide variety of interactive reports which allow you to see ALL those Lines of Business on one screen so you can evaluate them on EHR (Effective Hourly Rate), Profitability, and any/all of over 30 other metrics.  (click the image to enlarge)

Drill down to invoice line item and time entry detail by clicking the hyperlinks. Interested? Contact us today for a personalized one-hour web demo of our over 200 reports, dashboards and smartphone reports for ConnectWise.