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I’ve signed up. What now:?
Installation of Executive Briefing Service

Once you’ve signed up for Executive Briefing Service (EBS), you’ll be directed to a checklist of items that need to be set up before installation.  (You can find this list of prerequisites at  Essentially, we need you to create a new virtual machine running Windows 2008 r2.  (If you have an old server sitting around, you can use a physical machine, but the actual application is fairly lightweight, and most MSPs today are running virtual machines, so that’s the recommended option).  You’ll need to allow RDP access to that machine by the New Haven staff so that we can do the initial configuration of the machine.  Once configured, the machine will access your SQL Database over your internal network, inside your firewall.  Every evening, the server will automatically contact the servers at New Haven, download and install the latest version of the software (so your software is always up-to-date).