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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does my monthly subscription REALLY include free custom ConnectWise reports?

We include “custom ConnectWise reports” as part of your monthly subscription to the Executive Briefing Service.  You can submit a custom-report request to us via e-mail or our website.  We will work with you and your team to tailor the report(s) to meet your needs.  Once the report is finalized, we will include the report in the Executive Briefing Service for all subscribers.  That lets ALL subscribers benefit from some of the great ideas from our clients, and also builds value in the Briefing Service over time as it continues to get better and better.  The only restriction to the free custom ConnectWise report feature is that the report should be that your resulting report be flexible enough to be valuable for other MSPs to benefit from your report.  Candidly, we’ve NEVER had this happen, as the MSP business presents similar challenges to everyone involved in the business.  Custom report requests are addressed in a first-come, first-served basis and generally are available within a week to 10 days after the request is submitted.

Does this work with “ConnectWise Cloud”?

We are very pleased to announce that the Executive Briefing Service now DOES work with “ConnectWise Cloud” implementations!  We have several clients using EBS with their ConnectWise Cloud database and the results have been outstanding.  The current implementation does require that you have the “Cloud Connect” feature in place (see your ConnectWise Account Manager for details).  Contact for more details.

Just a “month-to-month” subscription?  No annual contract?

Yes, that’s right.  NO annual contract.  Just a month-to-month subscription.  You can cancel the subscription at any time.  We bill your credit card on a monthly basis and you are in full control of turning off that monthly subscription payment at any time of your choosing.  We do not refund partial months of the service.

How many of my employees can access the system?

Our monthly subscription fee allows EVERYONE in your organization to access the system, including online reports, dashboards, smarthphone reports, scheduled e-mail report delivery, and all the other features of the system.

I don’t want my engineers to be able to see employee salaries and other sensitive information from ConnectWise.  Can I restrict their access?

The Executive Briefing Service includes security-controls which allow YOU to decide which of your employees can access the system, and what information they have access to.  This includes everything from CEO-level access to EVERYTHING, down to individual engineer access to a very limited set of reports/dashboards/smartphone reports which show only THEIR information.

Are Dashboards, SmartPhone reports and scheduled e-mail reports included in the service at no extra charge.


ConnectWise is CONSTANTLY changing and being upgraded.  Won’t that “break” the Executive Briefing Service?

Yes, ConnectWise updates their software frequently, and it is rolled out to “on-premise” clients on a “rolling” basis.  There are changes that they make in the underlying database that occasionally affect a report.  That’s why we automatically update the Executive Briefing Service software every evening across our entire client base.  If a ConnectWise update has caused a problem in a report, the client contacts us, we fix the problem introduced by the ConnectWise change, and we update that clients local New Haven reporting server with the update.  We also then publish that software so that ALL of our clients receive that same update that evening, thereby insuring that the adverse effects of a ConnectWise update is minimized.

I have passwords and other sensitive information from my MSP clients stored in my ConnectWise database.  How do I KNOW that it is protected?

The Executive Briefing Service runs on a local virtual server INSIDE  your network.  (Just a standard Windows server that we ask you to set up and we then configure to run the EBS software).  Your ConnectWise database NEVER leaves the security of your local network, so there’s NO chance of the data being compromised.

Everyone uses ConnectWise “differently”, so how can you have ONE solution that deals with that?

It IS true that people use ConnectWise in a variety of ways.  However, the fundamentals of how ConnectWise manages time, invoices, clients, contacts, agreements (and all the rest) is common across virtually all MSPs.  ConnectWise is architected in a table-driven design, and we fully use that table-driven mindset to provide a generalized solution that provides value across a wide variety of ConnectWise configurations.

Why can’t I use tools like the ConnectWise Report Writer or Crystal Reports to get the same information that you are providing?

There are some great reporting tools available on the market, both generalized tools like Crystal Reports, as well as customized reporting tools like the ConnectWise Report Writer.  They are great for quick, easy access to information in your ConnectWise database that is simple and easy to retrieve.  Keep in mind that the ConnectWise database contains almost 1,000 tables and over 10,000 fields, all of which inter-relate to each other to capture the critical information about your business.  So even if you are comfortable with the “reporting tool” you are using, finding, manipulating and validating the data in the ConnectWise database can be a daunting task.

Rather that providing you with a “tool” for you to learn to use, we provide an information “service”, which shows you the information you need to run your business.  The type of information that we provide is executive-level data which integrates invoices, hours, engineer costs, agreements, clients, and a host of other data points across your entire client base.  You don’t have to learn to drive a reporting tool.  You don’t have to master the 800+ tables in the ConnectWise database or its thousands of fields.  You don’t have to master SQL database queries.  We present you with the information that you need to run your business.  That’s OUR job.  You can then take that information to RUN your business.  That’s YOUR job.

How do I sign up for my free 2-week onsite trial?

Point your browser to: to sign up for the free 2-week trial.