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Executive Control Panel
Online Cockpit for your MSP Practice

We offer an Executive Control Panel to manage your MSP practice.  Think of it like the cockpit of a jet airliner.  For a jet to safely deliver its passengers or cargo, there are a lot of things that have to happen correctly.  The same is true of your MSP Practice.  When you peek into the cockpit, it can at first be overwhelming with the number of dials, buttons and switches that you see.  But talk to the pilot and he/she will tell you that they need to have access to all that information and controls to fly the plane.  They don’t use ALL of it ALL of the time, but they use it to understand what is happening RIGHT NOW, to determine WHAT TO DO NEXT, and to execute that action.

Running your MSP Practice is similar.  You need to know:

  • What’s going on RIGHT NOW (situational awareness)
  • ROOT CAUSE of issues/problems that you see (diagnosis)
  • WHAT TO DO (remediation)

We have an interactive report that gives you the information that you need to address the first two items (situational awareness and diagnosis).  We call this interactive report an “X-RAY Report” because, just like an x-ray taken at your doctor’s office, it shows EVERYTHING.  Once you know “what’s going on” (situational awareness) and have access to the details so you can determine the cause of the problem (diagnosis), we know that YOU can them determine the appropriate executive action (remediation) to address the problem.

Here’s a peek at the X-RAY Report, an Executive-Level Control Panel to help you run your MSP Practice:

Shows all aspects of your business

Shows all aspects of your business as it stands NOW. (Click image to enlarge)