for ConnectWise

Creating Connectwise Cloud credentials for the Cloud Briefing Service

1) Create an “API Member” account (which is free) so New Haven can access your ConnectWise Cloud data
Connectwise has set up a mechanism for applications to access your Connectwise Cloud data via their APIs. The way they do this, they have you set up an “API Member” (which does NOT cost you anything and does NOT count against your license count). So we need to set up one of these for New Haven. Here’s how to do it:

a) Sign in to ConnectWise Cloud and go to the “API Member” tab on the SYSTEM>MEMBERS screen:

b) Click the “+” icon to add a new account, then enter “NewHavenCloud” as the Member ID. (You will also be prompted to enter the ‘required’ fields related to this account. The entries for these other ‘required’ fields can be set to any value you select.) Once all entries have been made, click the ‘Save’ icon to save your entries:

c) Once you have created the account, you will be taken to the “Detail” screen for this new Member account. (You can also get to this screen by clicking the Member name from the list of members.)

d) From the Member Detail screen, click the “API Keys” tab to select it:

e) Click the “+” icon to add a new API key, enter a description and click the ‘Save’ icon:

f) Once you click ‘Save’, both the Public and Private keys will be generated and displayed. (CRITICAL NOTE: The ‘Private Key’ will ONLY be displayed at this time and will NEVER be displayed again so you MUST make note of the Private Key AT THIS TIME because it will NEVER be visible again):

f) Copy-and-paste a screenshot along with the actual text of the Description, Public Key and Private Key fields into an email to “”, along with the URL that you use to access your ConnectWise Cloud (see below).


2) What is the URL for your ConnectWise Cloud?
When you access Connectwise in the Cloud, what URL do you type in your browser? It will look something like:

Once we receive that information, we’ll then test the access via that API Member account and notify you of the results of that test.