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Billboard Fully Managed Attention

Billboard Fully Managed AttentionPURPOSE

This report shows a list of your Fully Managed (i.e. flat-fee) clients in order from largest monthly fee to smallest.  You can select the amount you would like to earn for each hour you spend.  This is your target Effective Hourly Rate (EHR).  The right-most column on the report shows you your current status on providing the number of hours that are “just right” given your target.


Flat-fee fully managed clients pay you a set amount each month, no matter how many hours you work on their behalf.  From the MSP perspective, you want to be as efficient as possible, thereby getting the work done in a minimum number of hours.  From the client perspective, they want you to spend as MUCH time as you can on their account.  The optimal answer is somewhere in-between.  You need to spend “some” time on each client, but “not too much”.  This report shows you that information, based on your target EHR.  Not enough time spent on this client?  You’ll see a red bar on the left.  Too much time on this client?  Red bar on the right.  Getting “close”, you’ll see a yellow bar.  “On target” for EHR, and you’ll see a green bar.

Report Items

Clients – Shows Fully Managed clients in order by monthly flat-fee amount.

EHR – Shows your Effective Hourly Rate for this client as of the current time.

Attention– Visual indicator if you are spending too little (red bar on the left), too much (red bar on the right), or “just the right amount of time” (green bar in the middle) for this client based on your EHR target.