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Terms and Conditions

Executive Briefing Service is:

  • $299 per month for unlimited access.
  • All billing is charged to your credit card or PayPal account.
  • Billing is for services provided that month.
  • Cancel at any time with 15-days notice.
  • No refunds of partial months.
  • Monthly subscription also incurs 7% SaaS sales tax (yes, please call your local congressman….)
  • One-time account setup fee is $299, and is added to your first month’s service fees.

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Executive Briefing Service for ConnectWise is available for $299 per month. This provides unlimited access by your entire organization, both via online web pages as well as e-mail reports. There is an initial set-up fee of $299. All charges are handled via credit card, and you can cancel the service at anytime. (See Terms and Conditions at right.)


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